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Born in 1932, Raymond spent his childhood summers in Terrebonne, just north of Montreal, where he enjoyed countless hours in his grandfather Raymond Masson's art studio. A keen observer, Raymond was enchanted by the sculptures in marble, plaster and wood.

At the age of 15, Raymond undertakes a series of bas-relief sculptures in wood.  He later discovers the benefits of clay, a versatile and forgiving medium that allows him to correct, modify, and sculpt his art to his satisfaction.  It is clay that he will primarily use for the next 20 years, during which time he creates several busts and figurines.

In the late 1970s, he begins using bronze and, in the company of sculptors André Fournelle and Claire Brunet, hones his skills in the mold and lost wax techniques.

An engineer by training, Raymond is also a self-taught sculptor who fulfills his artistic passion while enjoying life with his wife, their four children and nine grandchildren. He continues to spend summers and weekends in the woods and lakes of the Laurentians drawing inspiration for his expanding portfolio of figurative bronze sculptures.

Raymond Barbeau's work can be found in private collections in Canada and the United States.

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